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MARCH 10, 2018

Welcome to the best of Crikey for the week.

Barnaby Joyce’s overshare leaves media with a choice

Now only media bosses, not journalists, can decide how to handle the Joyce affair with maturity, writes Rebekah Holt.

How can News Corp point the finger at Tingle?

Bernard Keane asks: If a journalist has a conflict of interest when they have contractual links with key participants in public debate, where does that leave News Corp?

Former NSW Greens MP takes party to court amid preselection row

A former NSW state Greens MP and chief of staff to Richard di Natale intends to bring a legal action against her own party, reports Max Chalmers.

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Debate Club: can pop culture be a force for feminist good?

Will the gradual crawl towards representation in pop culture continue in 2018, or is the battle meaningless in the pursuit of profit? Helen Razer and Lauren Rosewarne offer points for both sides.

‘Disappointing’ internal ABC survey shows staff distrust management

A survey from last year found that staff are unhappy with management but remain proud to work at the ABC, reports Emily Watkins.

Uber is more than a metonym. It’s often a means of transport so efficient and inexpensive, one simply cannot afford a boycott. Ethics are for people with nice cars or Cabcharge vouchers. Uber is a commodity for insecure workers, and is itself a site, and a rationale, for work that is even more insecure.

Rundle: blitzed in the side bar at Will Hodgman’s monster’s ball

The Liberal vote started well and crept up remorselessly through the evening. Lambie failed entirely. It was all pretty mundane. But Tasmania has surprised us before. It will again, writes Guy Rundle.

How the rich weaponised NIMBYism to wage class war

A new report illustrates how effectively middle and high-income earners have used the tax system and NIMBYism to drive low-income earners out of housing ownership, writes Bernard Keane.

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The banality of discrimination: how bureaucratic inertia is failing non-binary people

With so many people now identifying as non-binary, you'd think government departments would be more accommodating. Unfortunately, that hasn't been the experience for many non-binary people, writes Liz Duck-Chong.

A real downer: Alexander Downer’s career bottoms out with alt-right trolling

Arch-conservative Alexander Downer finds himself demonised as a left-wing agent of the Clintons as the far right struggles to discredit the investigation of Donald Trump, writes Bernard Keane.

Ah, the tally room! The moving, heaving, mass of humanity practising actually existing democracy. The bar outside the main room. The big board with all the numbers. The general public streaming in. The media pen, with its sad buffet of curling sandwiches and warm home-brand cola.
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‘The UN has to be better, and I think it is struggling’: Helen Clark

Two years after losing the race for secretary-general, the former New Zealand prime minister tells Meg Watson the UN needs an "injection of sheer political reality".

Does Australia need gender editors in its newsrooms?

The New York Times has introduced a gender initiative, including an editor for gender issues. It says it's been successful, but some in Australia remain sceptical, writes Emily Watkins.

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